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  • Blog Post: Fruit Cocktail, Minor League Baseball and Mai Tais?

    Hope you're ready to join in the fun when Walt's Sierra Adventures when it departs for Reno on Saturday, March 17th. Yes, that is St Patrick's Day but it isn't a wee joke of the little folks that has this trip starting in Emeryville that morning. No, that fault lies a bit to the south...
  • Blog Post: "Back to Space-Con" goes where no one has gone before

    Gene Roddenberry 's " Star Trek " is often admired for its appeal to the fans. Who can blame them? Looking back to the times when the show first aired, there was a great deal of uncertainty in our lives. The USA was fighting an increasingly unpopular conflict in Southeast Asia. Racial tensions...
  • Blog Post: “Flynn Lives” fanatics disrupt ENCOM product announcement in San Francisco

    Remember how I said that Walt Disney Pictures was going to stage a stunt at WonderCon 2010 that would then top that “Flynn’s Arcade” thing that the Studio set up at Comic Con last July? Well, the Mouse delivered in spades this past Friday night. The Blue Parrot had a front row seat for this “ TRON Legacy...
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