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  • Blog Post: A partial total from Eisner's scorecard

    Well, it's obvious that JHM readers have a great range of opinions when it comes to Michael Eisner. Some praise Disney's soon-to-be-ex-CEO for all the work that he did in the early 1980s. Talking about how Eisner turned Walt Disney Productions from a Hollywood also-ran into one of the top studios in...
  • Blog Post: Totting up the Eisner scorecard

    How many of you caught that interview that Michael Eisner gave to the Associated Press last week? The one where Disney's outgoing CEO talked about how ... " ... 'turbulence' at the Walt Disney Co. during his reign as chief executive was just part of trying to do things better at one of the world's biggest...
  • Blog Post: Inside Eisner's Office

    When I finished college and started at Disney in the early 1990's, I had been reading several news stories about Lee Iacocca, the corporate maverick from Ford and Chrysler. Mr. Iacocca has just recently shown up again in Chrysler commercials, and even though it is just as a paper-thin piece of live-action...
  • Blog Post: How the Muggles at Disney missed out on "Harry Potter"

    Jim Hill here. And -- Boy -- have I got a great story for you folks today! This has been one of those urban legends that has been circulating around the Web for years now. About how some unnamed executive on the publishing side of The Walt Disney Company had had the chance to acquire the rights to J...
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