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Give your Father the gift of entertainment this year by taking him to see a Las Vegas show

Give your Father the gift of entertainment this year by taking him to see a Las Vegas show

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Here in the States, it's kind of a tradition that - whenever Father's Day rolls around - we invariably gift Dad with a tie. Which - as far as Father's Day presents go - is nice & safe & boring.

This year, why don't you try giving Dad a different sort of tie? Not the fabric kind, mind you. But the sort of tie where things are just too close to call. Where it'll then be difficult for your Father to make his final choice.

And if you're looking for a city which offers a whole lot of choice when it comes to entertainment options ... Well, that's got to be Las Vegas.

I know, I know. This is your Father that we're talking about here. So I'm not going to suggest that you do anything with Dad that will then get the two of you in trouble with Mom. In fact, I'd now like to talk about three Las Vegas shows that I'm pretty sure that both of your parents will enjoy.

First up is V - The Ultimate Variety Show. Which is presented nightly at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

Now as you enter this theatre, don't be thrown by the teeny tiny size of the stage. Over the course of this hour-and-15-minute-long extravaganza, V - The Ultimate Variety Show will fill Planet Hollywood's performance space with all sorts of entertainment.

Though the size of the cast and the acts on stage may vary from night to night, V's entertainment line-up typically includes acrobats, comedians and magicians. And with Wally Eastwood serving as your jolly juggling MC, you're virtually guaranteed that V - The Ultimate Variety Show will move along at a brisk clip. That the evening's proceedings will always be fun and fast moving.

What's that you say? You don't think that your Dad would go for a traditional Vegas variety show? Well, then why not try Blue Man Group, which is currently performing at the Venetian? Their nightly stage shows are anything but traditional.

To be honest, the toughest part of trying to convince your Father to come see Blue Man Group will be finding a way to properly describe this show. Part performance art, part rock concert and part fever dream, a Blue Man Group performance can't really be described. It just has to be experienced.

Now if you were a particularly messy kid while you were growing up and now want to have some Father's Day-related fun, why not arrange to sit in the poncho section? Where Dad might then get a little damp during the drums-that-splash-colorful-paint portion of this show?

Of course, you'll probably want to warn your Father about that part of the proceedings before you then head on in to the Blue Man Group's custom-built theater at the Venetian. And speaking of "You Have Been Warned," if you really want to treat Dad to a show that he'll never, ever forget, why not head on over to the Rio and catch Penn & Teller?

For over 30 years now, Penn & Teller have been wowing audiences worldwide with their own unique brand of magic. Which skillfully blends macabre stunts (i.e. pretending to catch bullets in their teeth or seeming to toss cute little bunnies into whirling wood chippers) with biting political humor. All the while hammering home the idea that you just can't trust everything that you see.

Which - when you really think about it - was just the sort of life lesson that your Father tried to teach you when you were growing up, isn't it?

Best of all, once their performance is over, Penn & Teller always make a point of coming out in to the lobby of their theater at the Rio. Where these master magicians then happily sign autographs and pose for pictures with their fans.

So - if you take your Dad to go see Penn & Teller- he'll not only get to see a great show, your Dad will also get to rub elbows with the performers afterwards. Which - you'll have to admit - would be a pretty cool way to cap this evening of Father's Day entertainment in Las Vegas.

So like I said at the very top of today's story, give Dad a different sort of tie this year. Present him with three different Las Vegas shows which are all entertaining in their own unique way and then make him chose between the trio.

And if you're looking to save a few bucks on tickets to V - The Ultimate Variety Show, Blue Man Group or Penn & Teller... Well, I think I know some folks who can help you out.

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