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  • Cast Member Corner

    Cast Member Corner: Life after Disney

    JHM guest writer Shawn Cleaves returns with another entertaining column. This time around, Shawn talks about what how weird it can sometimes feel to be a former Disney cast member....
  • Alice Hill

    "Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls" coming to America

    If you've been watching Disney XD lately OR If you've been in a Target , a Walmart , a Hot Topic OR anywhere that sells video games ... Heck, if you've been around a group of kids lately, chances are you've heard of Yo-Kai Watch . Initially released in Japan by Level-5 in 2013, just last year the first of Yo-Kai Watch games were translated and brought over for American audiences. In Japan, the game was a huge, bombastic hit. And why not? The creatures within the game were based on...

    Picking Las Vegas' best magic show can sometimes get a bit tricky

    When you think of it in fairytale terms, a trip to Las Vegas can really like something straight out of "A Thousand and One Arabian Nights." I mean, think about it: You do cross the burning sands (Especially if you're driving in from LA. Which means that you're taking I-15 straight across Death Valley.) And then - in the middle of the desert - you can find this fabled city which is filled with castles & turrets & magic. And when I say "magic," I'm not talking...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Every now and then, I come across one of those lists of “the most important inventions in history.” Have you seen them? At the top, you’ll usually find such items as “air conditioning,” “flush toilets,” “the Internet,” and “antibiotics.” It’s hard to argue with any of those entries. But my own personal list would also include “movies on discs” (DVDs and now Blu-ray). Why? Because I love having the ability to re-watch...

    New Castaway Cay Challenge Added To 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (May 14, 2014) - Runners taking part in the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend can add the ultimate finish to their experience - the new Disney Castaway Cay Challenge, a joint venture by run Disney and Disney Cruise Line. After competing in the 5K, 10K, half marathon and/or full marathon during the Disney Marathon Weekend (January 7-11), runners can compete Jan. 14 in the Disney Castaway Cay Challenge, a special 5K race on Disney Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line's...
  • Roger Colton

    Check out Mattel's new "Cars" collectors series

    Roger Colton shows off his latest acquisition: All 22 of the vehicles that are currently featured in this new toy line which is based on characters from Pixar's newest release...

    Disney Cruise Line Charts a New Course for Norway in 2015

    Adventure Awaits During the Northern Europe Summer Season with First-Ever Cruises to Norwegian Fjords, Iceland and the Faroe Islands CELEBRATION, Fla. (March 25, 2014) - In summer 2015, Disney Cruise Line is charting a magical new course for northern Europe - exploring for the first time the Norwegian fjords, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Plus, Disney Cruise Line is returning to the Baltic for all-new itineraries, including sailings from Copenhagen, Denmark to St. Petersburg, Russia. Cruises to...

    September's the very best time to sea ... er .. see SeaWorld Orlando

    Eric M. Davis of Orlando Fun Tickets is back to share his thoughts on this 200-acre marine park. Particularly how -- now that the crowds are gone -- you can really appreciate how innovative this Worlds of Discovery park truly is...
  • Alice Hill

    "Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion" game coming this summer

    "C'mon on, grab your friends ... " A new Adventure Time game is coming out across multiple platforms. Copyright Cartoon Network / Outright Games Ltd. All rights reserved In this open world game, Finn and Jake will be sailing on a raft (Named Jeff) through the flooded land of Ooo to solve the mystery of why water engulfed their home and to help others & get in hijinks along the way. With a ragtag gang of friends (From a vampire, to an Ice King, to a little robot) Finn and Jake will...
  • Brad Aldridge

    Going gallery-by-gallery through the Walt Disney Family Museum: Part II

    JHM guest writer Brad Aldridge continues his tour of this $110 million addition at San Francisco's historic Presidio...
  • Shelly Valladolid

    Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra performs the music of Disney's animated shorts live

    On Saturday, June 13th, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra presented a program of music celebrating Walt Disney Animation Studios, with treasures of animation once thought lost forever brought back to life with fresh new scores and new interpretations of some old favorites. The audience lines up outside of the Theatre at Ace Hotel prior to the start of the concert. Photo by Jamie Pham The Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles started out as a United Artists theater, founded by artists including...

    Ghoulish nights or magical delights? It's your call when vacationing in Vegas around Halloween

    Let's be honest here. Every night in Las Vegas is kind of like Halloween. Don't believe me? Then take a stroll up the Strip some evening. And I guarantee you that you'll encounter some interesting-looking characters who are then dressed in some pretty far-out-looking outfits. But if you're headed to Vegas over the next week or so, you'll undoubtedly be looking for a little Las Vegas Halloween fun. The only question then is ... Well, how ghoulish do you want to go? Anthony Crivello...
  • Alice Hill

    “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Pikachu !” & “Pokemon -- Let’s Go, Eevee !” to come to the Nintendo Switch this year

    During a conference in Japan earlier this week, the Pokemon Company revealed three new games : A mobile and Nintendo Switch cross platform game, "Pokemon Quest," with graphics similar to Crossy Road and some absolutely adorable furniture in a "free to start" format; and for the Nintendo Switch, "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Pikachu !" and "Pokemon -- Let's Go, Eevee !" Taking inspiration from gameplay styles from the popular "Pokemon Go" for mobile...
  • Alice Hill

    "Yo-Kai Wib Wob" mobile game initially charming, but quickly gets repetitive

    "Yo-Kai Watch" is a series that I worried would never catch on in America. The series rocked Japan, with over 1.33 million units of the first game sold over there, over ten games (including apps and spin-offs), and Yo-Kai tokens featuring characters from the series that had people lining up for hours to get. The character designs in this adorable, fun, ghost-driven game were irresistible, adorable, and sometimes completely repulsive in the most fantastic way. But luckily enough, "Yo...

    Getting A-head at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

    As you walk through Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom these days and encounter all of those construction fences for the Fantasyland expansion project it's kind of hard to imagine what this part of the theme park will look like in just a few years. But me? I can't help but look at the attractions that Fantasyland already has and wonder what this place would have been like if the Imagineers had been allowed to build the dark rides that they had originally designed for this section of the...
  • Alice Hill

    Kingdom Hearts to be re-released as HD Bundle

    Kingdom Hearts is the lovechild between Square Enix and Disney , with lots and lots of hair gel. It follows the adventures of a teen named Sora, and those who are impacted by him. Sora, the wielder of a special sword named a 'Keyblade,' travels from world to world to fight evil and right wrongs while finding his friends he was separated from. These worlds often house Disney characters, each world acting as universe for a film. For instance, an Alice in Wonderland world has all the characters...
  • Alice Hill

    Pokemon Stream used to reveal several new projects that Nintendo now has in the works

    Earlier this week, at 7 am Pacific, Nintendo held an abnormally short Nintendo Direct- a typically bi or tri-annual stream used to reveal new projects and updates on projects to fans. This direct was focused on Pokemon, and had plenty of anticipation building around it despite the announced run time of eight minutes. With leaks from information datamined (gained from hacking into the files for) the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, a 'Pokemon Stars' game was anticipated, some even speculating that...
  • Roger Colton

    It's not just funny animals ...

    Roger Colton returns with a column that explores another side of fandom: those folks who really appreciate the anthropomorphic aspect of animation....
  • Alice Hill

    Do you like treasure hunting and/or cooking soup? Then Pokemon Quest is the game for you

    Immediately after the Pokemon press conference on May 29th, the mobile-switch cross platform game Pokemon Quest was available to download on the Nintendo eShop (with the mobile device version debuting later this month). Curious about the 'Free-to-Start' game, I snagged a download and started playing. Copyright 2018 Nintendo. All rights reserved Pokemon Quest is a game that feels best letting itself auto-run. You check in several times a day to see what Pokemon have appeared at your camp ...
  • Alice Hill

    Donut-themed "Scramble" event adds a hole ... er ... whole lot of fun to "Yokai Watch: Wibble Wobble"

    If you have a child that watches cartoons, or you enjoy watching cartoons yourself, you're probably pretty aware of Yokai Watch . In fact, if you have any interest in entertainment in Japan, you probably have, at least, a vague idea of what Yokai Watch is- I've already covered the series multiple times, and have written about the game I'm about to cover, but here's the brief version of it: There are collectible monsters you have to use a watch to find. There are hundreds of the adorable...
  • Alice Hill

    Virtual Magic Kingdom fans attempt to rebuild the Magic

    Four years ago today (On May 21 st , 2008, to be exact) Virtual Magic Kingdom was shut down. One of Disney's more popular tries at an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Think World of Warcraft .), the closing of VMK was met with petitions, and a not-so-successful protest at the park. VMK was ultimately closed, and fans to this day still lurk the unofficial VMK forums, reminiscing about their old game. VMK was ultimately meant only to really promote other Disney products,...

    Disney stars, Celine Dion turn the Colosseum at Caesars Palace into Vegas' new hot ticket

    There were plenty of stars to be found onstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace earlier this week, as Walt Disney Studios took over this venerable Las Vegas venue on Tuesday night to talk up their 2011 & 2012 slates. What kind of stars are we talking about? Well, Amy Adams from Disney's "Enchanted" and "How I Met Your Mother" 's Jason Segal ... Amy Adams and Jason Segal onstage at the Coliseum. Photo by Eric Charbonneau / WireImage. Copyright Disney Enterprises,...
  • Adam Berger

    Mything in Action: How to Explain Your Dragon

    As Halloween 2010 draws near, it's normal to expect to hear the sound of leathery wings flapping ominously in the night. But this year, those wings might belong to a dragon rather than a bat. Perhaps a Monstrous Nightmare...or maybe a Hideous Zippleback...or possibly the intelligent and incredibly stealthy Night Fury. At least that's the hope of the honchos at DreamWorks Animation , who would like you to purchase a copy of How to Train Your Dragon following its October 15 release on DVD and...

    Disney Cruise Line Returning to Hawaii, West Coast and Galveston in 2015

    Popular destinations and home ports return for limited-time engagements CELEBRATION, Fla. (May 19, 2014) – In the fall of 2015, Disney Cruise Line is returning to popular destinations and home ports for limited-time engagements. Two Hawaii cruises, a return to the West Coast with departures from San Diego and a Galveston, Texas homecoming make up a season of special sailings. Bookings open to the public on May 21, 2014. More details on 2015 itineraries can be found on the Itineraries and Ports...
  • Jim Korkis

    Walt Disney and the Communist Threat

    If you're a Disney history buff, you've probably seen this story referred to -- albeit briefly -- in various authorized Walt Disney biographies. But Jim Korkis now delivers a full-blown account of the events leading up to Walt's controversial October 1497 appearance in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities....

    Disney's tweaks mean that this year's edition of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has far more treats than tricks

    You wouldn't think that - given that Walt Disney World has been staging Halloween events at the Magic Kingdom for nearly 40 years now - that Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party would be still a work-in-progress. But given that Disney World's most popular theme park is right now in the middle of its biggest expansion in three decades (Look for Phase One of the Fantasyland Forest project to come online in the last Spring / early summer of 2012), the Mouse has taken this opportunity to...

    Do you ever wonder what became of Splendid China Florida?

    As Disneyana fans get ready to mourn Pleasure Island's passing, Eric M. Davis of Orlando Fun Tickets looks back on another Orlando area attraction which closed in December of 2003 ...

    Between that huge fireworks display and those exclusive nightclub parties, New Year's Eve in Las Vegas is sure to be a blast

    So have you made any special plans for New Year's Eve yet? Oh, I suppose you could go the traditional route. Schlep on down to New York City and then crowd into Times Square. Be one of the half million people who go there every year, stand in the cold and watch the ball drop. Or - if you want to do something different this year - you can ditch the crowds & the cold and head for Las Vegas. Where Sin City officials are planning on ending 2011 with a bang. Literally. In the 8-minutes and 36...

    Give your Father the gift of entertainment this year by taking him to see a Las Vegas show

    Here in the States, it's kind of a tradition that - whenever Father's Day rolls around - we invariably gift Dad with a tie. Which - as far as Father's Day presents go - is nice & safe & boring. This year, why don't you try giving Dad a different sort of tie? Not the fabric kind, mind you. But the sort of tie where things are just too close to call. Where it'll then be difficult for your Father to make his final choice. And if you're looking for a city which offers...
  • Roger Colton

    Another form of animation: Now at the Walt Disney Family Museum

    It's no secret that animation played a big role in the life of Walt Disney and the company that bears his name. A visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum offers guests the opportunity to learn about it. And usually, the process of two-dimensional, such as hand-drawn animation, is how the story unfolds. That is, until this new exhibit at the WDFM. " Between Frames: The Magic Behind Stop Motion Animation " offers museum visitors a bit of a look into the process. Now oddly enough, stop...
  • Jim Hill

    Monday Mouse Watch: There'd better be some treasure in that "Dead Man's Chest." Otherwise some Disney studio execs may soon find themselves "At World's End"

    Jim Hill explains why it's going to be a rather nervous Fourth of July for Dick Cook and Nina Jacobson. As these two Mouse House honchos hope & pray that their $450 million (and counting) investment in back-to-back "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels eventually pays off. PLUS Jim announces a brand-new JHM readers contest!...
  • Alice Hill

    Kingdom Hearts fans rejoice as Tetsuya Nomura hints that a return to home console games could be in the works

    2012 is a big year for all us Kingdom Hearts fans, given that it was 10 years ago this year that this hugely popular Disney-inspired game first came on the scene (with the Japanese version for PlayStation 2 dropping on March 28, 2002 while the North American version debuted on September 17th of that same year). Copyright Disney / SQUARE ENIX. All rights reserved But for those of us who love the Playstation version of Kingdom Hearts, our hearts have been aching for a number of years now. Given that...

    Trip the light fantastic with Walt Disney World’s new “Summer Nightastic!” program

    Dawn Bachers of Orlando Fun Tickets walks you through all of the exciting after-dark offerings that the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot will be serving up now through August 14th...
  • Alice Hill

    Mysterious world of "Tomorrowland" recreated in gorgeous Minecraft map

    You have to give the folks at Walt Disney Pictures credit. Because when it came to getting word out about " Tomorrowland ," they certainly didn't go by the standard summer blockbuster promotional playbook. If you think back to February of 2013 when photos of that mysterious "1952" box first popped up online ... Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved ... or that alternate reality game, "The Optimist," which Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney...
  • Greg White

    All I want for Christmas is a book that collects those Disney holiday comic strips

    JHM guest writer Greg White puts in a request with the folks at Disney Editions as well as sharing some rare collectibles from his Disneyana collection...
  • Roger Colton

    Fruit Cocktail, Minor League Baseball and Mai Tais?

    Hope you're ready to join in the fun when Walt's Sierra Adventures when it departs for Reno on Saturday, March 17th. Yes, that is St Patrick's Day but it isn't a wee joke of the little folks that has this trip starting in Emeryville that morning. No, that fault lies a bit to the south. The San Andreas Fault to be precise. Before October 17th, 1989. Amtrak trains heading out of the Bay Area stopped at a station in Oakland. In a neighborhood whose prime had passed a long time back....

    Where to stay in Orlando Based on Customer Ratings: Disney Owned Hotels vs Non Disney Hotels

    This duo is immortalized in a small bronze statue in the center of the park, on the circle at the end of Main Street U.S.A. directly in front of Cinderella Castle. © Disney, All Rights Reserved, Disney Parks & Travel Are you trying to decide where to stay for your next Disney World vacation? As you probably already know you have a lot of different options, there are literally thousands of hotels, vacation homes, and timeshare resorts to choose from. I recently did a study on guest satisfaction...

    New hi-def graphics and 3D sound make IOA's Spider-Man ride even more amazing

    There's an old saying that you don't fix what ain't broke. And in the case of "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man," this Islands of Adventure attraction had received consistently high marks with Universal Orlando Guests since it first opened back in May of 1999. With some folks calling this ambitious 3D / simulator hybrid the best theme park ride that had ever been built. Which should have made Thierry Coup, the Vice President of Development at Universal Creative, happy. After...
  • Roger Colton

    Ruminations: Speedway to Movie Theater for 30,000!

    Roger Colton checks in from Charlotte, North Carolina with a preview of the “Cars” premiere event....
  • Michael Howe

    The Making of Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" -- Part 5

    In the (perhaps) final installment of his excellent series of Hayao Miyazaki's animated masterpiece, JHM guest columnist Michael Howe details how "Spirited Away" became the upset winner for this year's Academy Award for Best Animated Feature....

    Attractions that make it easy to slip some education into your next Orlando-area vacation

    As the school year draws to a close, kids all over the country are looking forward to shutting those textbooks for a while and just having some fun. But just because these students are now on vacation doesn't mean that they can't actually continue their education. The key to successfully pulling this off without your children squawking too much is to liberally mix the educational material in with something truly fun. Like - say, for example - folding a visit to the Kennedy Space Center into...
  • Roger Colton

    Ruminations: Dr. Seuss Meets the iPod Generation

    Some favorite stories are back with a twist. Roger Colton has the scoop on a new series of audio books from the iTunes Music Store. ...

    Absinthe trades Las Vegas spectacle for intimate, interactive fun

    In a town where volcanoes explode hourly from 7 to 11 p.m. at The Mirage, where a full-sized pirate ship sinks four times nightly right outside of the Treasure Island Las Vegas, it would be awfully easy to overlook the 100-year-old wooden show tent that was recently erected in the Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace. Sure, that half-scale version of the Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris Las Vegas may be taller & grander. And the Fountains of Bellagio are ... Well, splashier. But as your mother always...
  • Jim Hill

    Disney XD's new karate-themed sitcom, "Kickin' It" gets off to a promising start

    Since " Zeke and Luther " proved that there's a fairly sizable young-male audience out there which enjoys sitcoms that mix slapstick & extreme sports, Disney XD is revisiting this theme tomorrow night with " Kickin' It ." Which is a brand-new half-hour-long comedy that debuts on this cable channel tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. ET / PT following the Season 2 premiere of " Pair of Kings ." "So how does 'Kickin' It' compare to "Zeke and Luther'...
  • Floyd Norman

    Frank Braxton, Animation's first black animator

    Animation industry legend Floyd Norman returns to JHM with another great column. This time around, Floyd writes about the "Jackie Robinson" of animation. A man whose career ended far too soon. ...
  • Jeff Lange

    Equatorial Africa: The World Showcase pavilion that we almost got

    While wandering around Mouse Surplus' new warehouse, Jeff Lange comes across an early Epcot map. Which reminds him of the African pavilion that was supposed to open to the public in late 1983, but ultimately got tripped up by budget problems & politics...
  • Jim Hill

    Monday Mouse Watch : Why frugal filmgoers are scaring the hell out of Hollywood

    Jim Hill talks about a new trend that's really disturbing studio heads as well as exhibitors. The fact that young adult males are seeing this year's crop of summer blockbusters only once. While families aren't seeing them at all. Prefering to wait for the DVD versions of these new movies come out...
  • Alice Hill

    "Attack The Light: Steven Universe RPG" is another gorgeous, fun game from Cartoon Network

    If you're fam iliar with " Steven Universe ," a show running on Cartoon Network right now detailing the life of a young half-alien boy being raised by three alien mentors, you're likely very familiar with how absolutely gorgeous the show is, and how sweet and hilarious the writing is. Okay, maybe that's biased. I'm a big, big fan of the show. Copyright 2015 Cartoon Network. All rights reserved So when I heard "Steven Universe" was getting another game, I was ....

    Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour & Fan Fest makes for one Thriller of a holiday season this year in Las Vegas

    Here's a fun factoid for all of you Michael Jackson fans out there: Following the success of "Captain EO," Michael Jackson and the Imagineers actually spent about six months in the late 1980s developing a follow-up attraction. One that would have reimagined the King of Pop as a three-armed outer-space impresario called P.T. Quantum. The "crash-landed" version of the retooled exterior of Carousel of Progress theater-go- round show building. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc...
  • Alice Hill

    Have a no-clothes encounter with the world's most famous mouse by playing that new Disney Mobile game, Hidden Mickey

    I know. Like any of these theme park news sites actually needs another article with the words "Hidden Mickey" in it. Yes, please, another thousand articles about "Look at the shape of these planter pots!" and "But if you look here, behind the drinking fountain ... Wow!" But this, I assure you, is different. This is Hidden Mickey , an online game for the Mickey Cartoons website . Based off the recent Mickey short, " No Service ." Copyright Disney Enterprises...
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