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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: The "Toy Story 3" that you didn't get to see

    Looking for something fun to do with the family after you finish Thanksgiving dinner? Well, why not toss a copy of " Toy Story 3 " into the Blu-ray player. Where you can then learn about what happens to poor Buzz Lightyear once he begins malfunctioning and then has to be sent to Taiwan in order...
  • Blog Post: A special "Where's WALL-E" edition of Why For?

    Bernie W. writes in to say: Jim -- Can you please help me win a bet at work? A co-worker of mine says that WALL-E makes a brief cameo appearance in " Ratatouille ." More importantly, this guy has bet me $100 that I'll never ever be able to find that robot in this movie. Copyright 2007 Disney...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday: Why "Ratatouille" 's good-but-not-great box office numbers are now causing problems for Disney's marketing department

    By now, you've probably heard that -- over this past weekend -- " Ratatouille " finally officially achieved really-for-real blockbuster status. Earning over $200 million during its initial domestic run. Mind you, it did take this new Brad Bird film quite a while to reach that milestone. As you can see...
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