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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Pixar's Darla K. Anderson's slow & steady path to success

    Here's kind of a depressing fact to start 2011 off with: 88% of all people will fail to keep their New Year's resolution . With 45% of those folks falling off the self-improvement wagon by the end of January. And why is that exactly? To be blunt, it's because a lot of us aren't willing...
  • Blog Post: Monday Mouse Watch: “Toy Story 3” aims to be less like Fredo & more like Frodo

    Let’s start with the obvious question: Is Lee Unkrich concerned that he’s going to be the guy who breaks Pixar’s now-10-pictures-long winning streak? When I got to talk with the director of “ Toy Story 3 ” as part of a roundtable session at Comic-Con last year, Lee admitted that – with each new hit that...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday: Will “Toy Story 3” will be that rare sequel that equals the original?

    According to John Lasseter, the folks at Pixar Animation Studios have been dying to make “Toy Story 3” for years now. But – that said – that doesn’t mean that it’s been all that easy to come up with a storyline that was a worthy follow-up to the much-beloved “Toy Story” & “Toy Story 2.” As John recalled...
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