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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Disney’s “Prince of Persia” ends well. But is that really enough?

    All’s well that ends well. Or so says William Shakespeare and/or John Heywood . But it’s not Heywood that we’re talking about today. But – rather – Hollywood. And after having watched Disney’s “ Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ,” I’m now wondering if it’s actually okay to overlook the first 100 minutes...
  • Blog Post: Tube Thursday: “LOST” props to come up for auction in May of 2010

    In a space that’s as big as the exhibit hall at the San Diego Convention Center is, it’s relatively easy to get … Well, lost. Which is why it might be helpful sometimes to carry a compass with you as you wander the aisles at Comic-Con . As it turns out, I did find a compass this past Sunday. A really...