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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Do you ever wonder what became of Splendid China Florida?

    What with Pleasure Island closing this weekend, I've been getting nostalgic for some of the other attractions that Central Florida lost over the years. With perhaps the most bizarre being Splendid China . I don't know how many of you ever got the chance to visit this 76-acre theme park during the 10...
  • Blog Post: How does Aquatica stack up against Central Florida's other waterparks ?

    You'll have to forgive any typos that you find in this month's OFT column. You see, I've been to Aquatica 2 1/2 times over the past month. And -- to be honest -- my fingers are still kind of pruney. But after a month of soft openings, SeaWorld Orlando's waterpark has its official grand opening this past...