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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: How Disney's two-dimensional "Beast" became a 3D "Beauty"

    New and a bit alarming Who 'd have ever thought that this could be? Well, " Beauty and the Beast " co-director Kirk Wise doesn't seem all that surprised that this Academy Award-winning film (which was the first animated feature to ever be nominated for Best Picture) got selected for...
  • Blog Post: Say "Yup" to "Up" : Pixar's latest is a charming mix of heartbreak, hope and hilarity

    Forget about the flying house, that giant bird and the talking dog. All of those out-of-the-ordinary items. Because -- when you get right down to it --“ Up ” is a movie that celebrates the boring stuff. Those tiny, little moments that really make life worth living. Copyright Disney / Pixar. All Rights...