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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Mary Blair concept art showcased in “Walt Disney’s Peter Pan”

    It’s always been one of the great what-ifs of Disney history. What if … All of the Studio’s overseas markets hadn’t been cut off by the start of World War II? It’s well known that – as of the late 1930s -- Walt was well into development of full-length animated versions of “ Alice in Wonderland ,” “ Peter...
  • Blog Post: “Walt Disney and the Good Neighbor Program” book is a really great read

    Do you have a Disney fanatic in your family? Then this must be the time of year that you dread most. When you’re expected to come up with a suitable holiday gift for this problematic family member. Not to worry, though. Jim Hill Media is here to help. Over the first four Wednesdays in December, we’ll...
  • Blog Post: Suspended Animation provides online showcase for the non-Disney art of noted Disney artists

    If you’re ever lucky enough to get inside of the Sorcerer Mickey building , you then HAVE TO go check out the 1300 corridor. Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved This is where the personal artwork of Walt Disney Animation Studios staffers is displayed. They literally just wrapped up this year’s Halloween...
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