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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Scrooge U: Part XXXVII -- Ahrens & Menken deliver delightful "A Christmas Carol: The Musical"

    "Tell the truth. You're getting kind of tired of writing about ' A Christmas Carol ,' aren't you?" No, this wasn't an e-mail that some disgruntled JHM reader sent me. But -- rather -- the ever-wise & patient Nancy (Who -- FYI -- has been formatting each & every one...
  • Blog Post: Scrooge U : Part III -- Barrymoore No More

    Picking up where we left off yesterday ... Most of you Disney dweebs out there will probably be able to identify this character. Copyright 1964 Walt Disney Productions That's right. Admiral Boom from Walt Disney Productions' 1964 release, " Mary Poppins ." Naming this next character...
  • Blog Post: Scrooge U : Part II -- Tiny Tim Talks

    Picking up where we left off yesterday ... Though sound would arrive in Hollywood in 1928, it wouldn't be until 1935 'til someone made the first full-length "talking picture" version of "A Christmas Carol." Copyright 2005 Delta Entertainment Corporation Produced in the U.K...
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