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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Bruce Boxleitner tells Garrett Hedlund: "TRON is MY legacy ... so don't screw it up"

    For the past six days or so, TRON fans around the world have been dissecting those 23 minutes of footage that they saw last Thursday on TRON Night . As they try to determine whether this Joseph Kosinski film will actually be a worthy follow-up to the 1982 original. But me? I prefer to get my info straight...
  • Blog Post: Toon Tuesday: The Wow Factor

    I’ve often been asked this goofy question. “How would you run an animation studio if you were in charge?” Questions like this come from young people who assume I have answers. The truth is, I’m not in that position, and I don’t expect to be. However, I once ran my own business...
  • Blog Post: Why For did Disney wind up giving Maleficent the bird

    Trina P. wrote in to say: Thanks for sharing those pictures from the Tim Burton exhibition at the MoMA . I’m a huge Burton fan and had wanted to get down to NYC while that exhibit was there, but never found the time. I noticed that you had a lot of pictures from Tim Burton movies that never got made...
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