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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: "Today in Disney History" is a perfect last-minute gift for the Disney obsessive on your holiday shopping list

    It's Christmas-crunch time, kiddies. You know what I mean. That horrible moment that arrives every holiday season. When you're feeling all smug & self-satisfied because you think that you've completed your Xmas shopping. Only to suddenly sit bolt upright in your chair and say: "Oh, cr*p! I forgot...
  • Blog Post: Disney's long, long journey to Oz

    It was 50 years ago tonight that the 1939 version of " The Wizard of Oz " was first shown on television. Copyright 2005 Warner Home Video The first-ever telecast of this Victor Fleming film was a rating smash. Over 44 million people tuned in to catch this broadcast (Which was hosted by the...
  • Blog Post: Monday MouseWatch: Disney tries to make the most of "High School Musical"

    Has it really been just eight months since " High School Musical " was first presented on the Disney Channel ? Copyright 2006 Disney Enterprises Back in January of this year, Disney Channel execs obviously had very high hopes for this Kenny Ortega film. Otherwise, why would they have spent all of that...
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