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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Third edition of "Hidden Mickeys" field guide is three times the fun

    Notice anything unusual about those bundles of nerves that you see up there on the "Body Wars" sign? Photo courtesy of Jeff Lange Does anything (or should I say any one ) look familiar? Photo courtesy of Jeff Lange Yep. That's Mickey Mouse. Right in the center of the above photo. Directly above the blue...
  • Blog Post: David Koenig's "Realityland" is a very entertaining Disney World exposé

    You all know about Epcot, right? That futuristic city that Walt Disney hoped to build? Copyright Bonaventure Press That's the real reason that Walt bought all of that swampland in Central Florida in the early 1960s, you know. Not because the Old Mousetro really felt the need to build Disneyland East...