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Disney Dish Why For?
  • Blog Post: Why For do the Imagineers keep adding new characters to Disney's classic theme park attractions?

    Earlier this week, Perry T. sent me the following e-mail : Jim, Are you as sick as I am about how the Imagineers keep forcing characters into older attractions at the Disney theme parks? Just in the past six months, we've had that new " Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor " show replace the Magic Kingdom 's old...
  • Blog Post: A special which-witch-is-which edition of Why For

    First up, George S. writes to say: My family and I were visiting Disney-MGM earlier this year. And while I was at that park, I got talking with a cast member who was working at the " Great Movie Ride. " He met our car as we rolled back in that attraction's exit area and asked us what we had all thought...
  • Blog Post: Why For

    First up, Louis T. writes in to ask: What happened to that seasonal retheming of WDW' s " Haunted Mansion" that you talked about a few years back? I thought that the Magic Kingdom's version of Disneyland' s " Haunted Mansion Holiday" was supposed to have officially debuted this past October. But that...
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