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"Pirates of the Caribbean" fans brave cold & dark to be among the first to purchase the "At World's End" DVD

"Pirates of the Caribbean" fans brave cold & dark to be among the first to purchase the "At World's End" DVD

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"Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun,
The Japanese don´t care to, the Chinese wouldn´t dare to,
Hindus and Argentines sleep firmly from twelve to one
But Englishmen detest-a siesta.

Photo by Max Schilling

In the Philippines they have lovely screens to protect you from the glare.
In the Malay States, there are hats like plates which the Britishers won't wear.
At twelve noon the natives swoon and no further work is done,
But mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun."

Noel Coward wrote the above lyric back in 1932 to poke fun at the bizarre behavior of British colonials. But trust me, folks. Even the balmiest Brit would have more sense than "Pirates of the Caribbean" fans. Some of whom actually began lining up outside of WDW's World of Disney at 11 p.m. last night. Just so they could then be among the first to get their hands on the "At World's End" DVD this morning.

Photo by Max Schilling

I have to admit that -- when it comes to the "POTC" trilogy of films -- I am a fan. But not a get-in-line-at-11-p.m. sort of fan. I'm more of the get-up-at-4-a.m.-and-then-drive-on-over-to-Downtown-Disney-and-see-what's-going-on type of "Pirates" enthusiast.

Anyway ... By the time Angela Ragno and I arrived on the scene (around 5:30 a.m.), there were already 250 people standing in line outside of the World of Disney store. And to give the folks at the Walt Disney World Resort some credit, they were doing what they could to help the time pass pleasantly. Which meant bringing out a pirate band to serenade us shoppers as we stood in the cold.

Photo by Max Schilling

Not to mention having a cast member work the line, selling hot chocolate. Which really did go a long way toward warding off the morning chill.

Photo by Max Schilling

Meantime, that line just kept getting longer & longer behind us. With lots of last arrivals now fretting that -- because they didn't get there early enough -- they were going to miss out on all the cool gifts / incentives that the World of Disney was offering us shoppers to take part in this "At World's End" promotional event.

Photo by Max Schilling

Finally at 6:30 a.m., the doors to the World of Disney opened. As us all "Pirates of the Caribbean" fans trooped inside, who should be there to greet us but Captain Jack Sparrow himself. Who happily posed for pictures with all those had braved the dark & the cold to get their hands on that "At World's End" DVD.

Captain Jack poses with the latest additions of his scurvy crew,
Angela Ragno (left) and Max
Schilling (right)

"So what sort of extra-special pirate booty did you get for being among the first 700 people to purchase the latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' DVD at the World of Disney?," you ask. Well, in addition to the "At World's End" disc, we also got a piece of limited edition matt art, a Pirates of the Caribbean collectible watch as well as a pirates stein.

Photo by Max Schilling

Now -- of all these giveaway items -- it's that pirates stein that I think "POTC" fans will find the most intriguing. Not so much because its dragon-shaped handle and/or because this drinking mug features a raised version of the "At World's End" skull-and-crossbones logo ...

Photo by Max Schilling

But -- rather -- because of where this stein was manufactured.

Photo by Max Schilling

Thailand. That's right next door to Singapore, isn't it?

Given that a crucial action sequence in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is set in Singapore, isn't it kind of ironic that the souvenir mug that the World of Disney was giving away as part of its promotional event for the first day-of-sale on this new DVD should be manufactured in that very same part of the world? 

Or could it be that my lack of sleep is now making me see significance in insignificant things? I'm thinking that that's probably more likely.

Anywho ... That's what it was like this morning over at Downtown Disney. If you weren't there, then you really missed out on a frosty but fun time.

To quote Mr. Hill: "Your thoughts?"

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  • That's some cool booty...  I like the $0.00 pricetag.  Thailand thankfully uses less lead in their goods...


  • I am sorry...but I think 250 of the biggest losers in the world's end were waiting in the cold for a DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This beats the groups waiting months to see Star Wars...

  • Hey how about a hand for the cast members!  The 4:30 AM crew had to be at the store at 2 AM and a crew had to spend the night with shifts starting at 11:00PM to get the store ready for the guests.  Certainly not their usual hours.  You also forgot to mention that guests waiting in line had the chance to purchase exclusive limited edition pins and that the store had the movie playing on the big screen during the day today.

  • If I live to be a thousand years old I will never understand the appeal of these boring, obnoxious and waaaaaaay too loud Pirates movies. Am I missing something here?  I just don't comprende.

    Now STAR WARS I dooooo get!

  • WMM:

    I'd say it's a generational thing, but I have no idea how old you are so such a comment would be unjustified.  Perhaps it's more of a matter of personal taste?  I, for one, love the Pirates movies.  Not sure I would have jumped in line for the DVD (though doing it at WDW does make it seem more plausible simply because it's, well, WDW!).  But I *get* POTC.  It's funny, it's action packed, it's sexy, it's fantastical -- in essence, it rocks.

    But you could say all the same things about Star Wars, which I don't "get"!  Just never been more than very casual fan.  However, the new BSG series I love.  Go figure.

  • The first movie is fantastic... Well acted, well crafted characters, funny, great action, skeleton pirates... Just a really fun, fun movie in the tradition of Douglas Fairbanks.

    It's just parts two and three that... well... Ain't no EMPIRE STRIKES BACK or RETURN OF THE JEDI. I actually didn't like #2 enough to pick it up until I was given a Wal-Mart gift card and they had a set with a bonus CD of sea chanties. But after seeing #3, I pawned off my copy of #2 so I wouldn't be tempted to buy #3 for the sake of completism.

    However, if I did like #3, I probably would be down with pulling an all-nighter to get the free swag. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious!

    Actually, if there were any pirates geek-outs I wish I could have gone to, it would have been the Seven Seas Lagoon #3 release event at WDW and, barring that, the trailer premiere at the El Capitan. The bonus would have been the PotC Online package... the fun would have been dressing like a pirate. ARR!

  • "Or could it be that my lack of sleep is now making me see significance in insignificant things? I'm thinking that that's probably more likely."


  • There is Nothing in this world worth standing in line for....I repeat...there is nothing in this world worth standing in line for...

    Please tell me otherwise......

  • When you absolutely have to have it a couple hours early, are tempted by the freebies or it's something only sold then. It also depends on how much sleep you can give up and how much coffee you're willing to drink up. After waiting in many early morning lines for Mattel's horrendously distributed He-Man figures 5 years back and coming up empty, I've come to appreciate paying a little more for rare, limited and poorly distributed stuff instead of gambling with sleep.

    I enjoyed the DMC midnight event at World of Disney and the Ziegfeld in NYC but I don't think I'd go to such a thing for a DVD. And I know I'm a dork. I figured the midnight DMC showing would be full of people dressed up like POTC characters, so I pulled out a different pirate costume I'd made for anime cons. If anyone at the DMC event recognized what I was dressed as, no one said. But when I went to the 8 pm "midnight" showing of AWE in said costume, I got a "One Piece? Rock on!"

    Um yeah, but I still know I'm such a dork. LOL

  • Um, the stein was a left over promotional piece.  Back in Sept. they were selling those for $12 (maybe) with a purchase of $50 or more or something like that.  Kudos to Disney for figuring a way to get rid of them to a number of fools who actually stood in line for a sub-par movie.

  • Anytime I see long lines like that I think to myself that I could make a bundle selling coffee and donuts to those poor fools. I'm glad Disney thought of it beforehand and made an easy buck.

  • Buttermaker, I hope you're not married  :)

  • It always tickles my funny bone (and frustrates me as well) when people try to understand what makes others happy. What does it matter? I wouldn't stand in line for PotC either, but unless they force me to do it, why do I care if they do... more power to them.

    And, imho, anyone who can't think of SOMETHING they would stand in line for is either A) someone who had a miserable childhood, B) has ADD, C) has trouble finding joy in anything, D) has no patience, and/or E) is just a very unhappy person in general.

    Now excuse me while I go get back in line for my limited edition dvd copy of The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. Don't ask me why.

  • Cold??? I think we had a low of about 53 here in Orlando last night. I may be new to Florida, but in no part of the world is 50 considered cold as an evening low in December.

  • A) One of the best childhoods you could ask for

    B) No ADD

    C) Thank heaven for being alive everyday

    D) Have tremendous patience(teach high school...do the math)

    E) Could not be happier and my wife feels the same...

    My point is...you are the first to get the dvd that you waited all night for.....ok...now what...???

    Give that money to charity!

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