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    It was a perfect night. Since I've moved to Los Angeles a few months ago, I've had many of them. Most of the nights, in fact, have been perfect...from a weather standpoint, that is. The night we first arrived after 19 straight hours of driving to discover our electricity hadn't been connected, leaving...
  • Blog Post: The Essential Geek #23: Elvis Costello

    Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. Just a few weeks earlier, Elvis Costello was born, with the release of his first album, My Aim is True. Those obsessed with symmetry (namely, me) could pour plenty of meaning into that coincidence. In the foreground, you have the death of a man whose early career...
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    Today we venture into the strange, tune-infused hinterlands of geekdom, to that wondrous realm known to its friends and detractors alike as "Geek Rockland." (Or maybe it's a "-berg," or perhaps even a "-ville." Okay, so it's not even really a place. It's a state of mind, dude or dudette. In which case...
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