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  • Flo Doyle

    Sitting in on a taping of Tim Allen's new ABC sitcom, "Last Man Standing"

    So how did I almost wind up winning an autographed "Tim the Tool Man" Taylor toolkit while attending a taping of Tim Allen 's new ABC sitcom, " Last Man Standing " ? It's kind of a funny story. Tim Allen and Nancy Travis on the set of "Last Man Standing." Photo by Peter "Hopper" Stone. Copyright American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved To explain: I have always wanted to attend a TV taping just to see what one was like. But in all my...
  • Flo Doyle

    Dropping in on DCA's "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"

    How does DCA's newest thrill ride stack up, particularly in comparison to the Disney World original? JHM guest writer Frank Duren (of TalkDisney.com fame) offers up his opinion of the attraction....
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