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    So when will we know that Bob Iger has finally officially taken over as head of the Mouse House? When virtually all mention of the Walt Disney Company disappears from the front page of your local newspaper. Advertisement That's the word coming out of Burbank. That Iger has decided that -- over the past...
  • Blog Post: Checks & Balances: Enough with the Iger hero worship

    When will Disneyana fans stop living in Fantasyland? I mean, I just spent the last day and a half reading through dozens of Robert Iger-related threads at various Disney discussion boards around the Web. And to hear some of you people talk, you'd think that Disney's CEO-to-be was an actual magician....
  • Blog Post: Checks & Balances: Thinning the herd

    Based on what's being said over on various Disney discussion boards, you'd think that the world was coming to an end. And maybe for a small select group of WDW annual passholders, the world actually is coming to an end. As in: That world where -- on a whim -- these people could call the WDW reservations...
  • Blog Post: "iCon" offers great insights into Disney & Pixar's dealings

    It's the question that everyone in the entertainment industry has been asking: What happens with Pixar after Michael Eisner steps down as the head of the Walt Disney Company on September 30th? Will Disney's new CEO -- Bob Iger -- be able to persuade Steve Jobs to extend his animation studios' co-production...
  • Blog Post: Checks & Balances: What Price Pixar?

    Hey, folks. Andrew Crim here. Jim brought me on board to be JHM's professional wet blanket. The guy who gets to step in whenever Disneyana fans are throwing out phrases like "Disney magic" & "Walt would have never done it like that ..." and then remind everyone that the Walt Disney Company is actually...
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