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April, 2012

  • Noe Valladolid

    Magic Castle Online allows Tokyo Disney fans to virtually visit a Disney-themed town

    Japan is filled with with millions of Disney enthusiasts and they have been a buzz these past few months. Both the Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Parks have changed the themes to their shows and parades for the seasons, some of the floats are returning favorites. The parks are exploring a unique mix of Japanese and Western-themed holidays. For example last year the park combined the Christian Easter celebration with the Asian Lunar New Year , which happened to fall on the year of the rabbit...
  • Noe Valladolid

    Disney's "Motorcity" -inspired game, "Drive," sets online gamers hearts racing

    Visitors to the Disney websites have probably noticed that the "Games" button is listed prominently next to "Stars and Characters." No longer considered a passing trend online gaming is a billion dollar industry that has caught the eye of Disney. The company has done well targeting younger gamers and families through the Club Penguin online community but has found it a little harder to find a game that caters to the larger gaming public. Previous efforts to tie in characters and...
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