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May, 2013

  • Noe Valladolid

    How do "Superman Unbound" and "Iron Man 3" ultimately measure up as movies? Noe knows

    The most recent DC Universe Animated Original movie , "Superman Unbound " , is not the best release by Warner Bros. Animation . The production quality is up to par with previous releases. "Unbound" has solid animation, memorable action sequences and a good story. However the film was lacking. Copyright 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved The movie was based on the story arc " Superman: Braniac " which was an attempt to understand the classic villain...
  • Noe Valladolid

    Will Disney Infinity prove that the third time actually is the charm for Disney Interactive?

    Disney Interactive keeps trying to play catch up with the gaming industry but often misses out with gamers. The upcoming title Disney Infinity is another attempt for the company to reinvent themselves for audiences. The previous two high profile showings from the company have failed to turn heads. In early 2010 the studio had touted the evolution of the racing game by marrying the reality TV show concept with the spectacle of big budget chase films like The Fast and The Furious , and Gone in 60 Seconds...
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