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May, 2006

Jim Hill

Jim's musings on the history of and rumors about movies, TV shows, books and theme parks including Disneyland, Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Jim Hill

    How much "Pirates" is too much "Pirates" ?

    Though it's still a month or more 'til "Dead Man's Chest" opens in theaters nationwide, Jim Hill's got all sorts of info about all of the other "Pirates" -related projects that the Walt Disney Company currently has waiting in the wings. Would you believe "Pirates" comic books, "Pirates" junior novelizations as well as an online multi-player "Pirates" game? And -- even though they haven't yet finished filming "Pirates III" -- there's already lots of serious talk at the studio about "Pirates IV." Jim now shares all of his nautical news...
  • Jim Hill

    "Disney Fairies" franchise gets ready to take flight

    Jim Hill checks in on what Disney Consumer Products hopes will be the company's next big brand. He also shares some info about "The Tinkerbell Movie," the CG animated feature which is deliberately being created to help support the "Disney Fairies" franchise. Which will possibly be released to theaters in 2007...
  • Jim Hill

    JHM Follow-up: Junk Food, John Hench & a new Disneyana journal

    Jim Hill rolls out yet another new feature for the site. One that will attempt to update JHM readers on stories that the site has already run. This time around, Jim talks about healthier food that feature the Disney characters, a mystery Mickey Mouse as well as the latest edition of "Walt's People"...
  • Jim Hill

    Why For

    Jim Hill's back with even more answers to your Disney-related questions. This week's effort starts off with an explanation as to why Disney World won't be getting its very own version of Disneyland's popular "Haunted Mansion Holiday," then talks about who almost did voices for "Hercules" before closing out with a fond look back at WDW's "River Country"...
  • Jim Hill

    The (Washed Out) Road to Recovery

    Wednesday gets off to kind of a whiny start this week at JHM. As Jim Hill recounts several days worth of mishaps. Which has led Jim to believe that Murphy may have been an optimist...
  • Jim Hill

    May lightning strike me dead if I’m not telling the truth here

    A massive lighting strike out here in the woods did a major number on JHM this past Sunday night. Jim Hill offers up a few details of the incident, then promises to have the site back up to full speed in a day or so...
  • Jim Hill

    Why For Returns

    Jim Hill's back with even more answers to your Disney-related questions. This time around, Jim talks about attractions that didn't get built on Sunset Boulevard, how "Expedition Everest" almost got an over-sized yeti and why Wade Sampson doesn't write for JHM anymore...
  • Jim Hill

    "The animals got some food and I got to see a turtle's butt"

    JHM concludes its three part series on Dreamworks Animation's latest release, "Over the Hedge." In today's installment, Jim Hill talks with Tim Johnson -- the co-director of this new animated feature -- about what was involved with translating this popular comic strip to the big screen...
  • Jim Hill

    "My character is the only thing in this whole movie that stinks"

    JHM continues its three part series on Dreamworks Animation's next big release, "Over the Hedge." This time around, Jim Hill sits down with comedianne Wanda Sykes. Who talks about what it felt like to be cast as the voice of a skunk in this new animated feature...
  • Jim Hill

    Wouldn't it be cool if ...

    JHM rolls out a brand-new feature today. One that will allow this website's readers to make suggestions that Walt Disney Company officials will (hopefully) take seriously. In this debut column, Ken Plume points to a long-abandoned short subject that WDFA should probably seriously consider reviving ...
  • Jim Hill

    "You always have to be sure & take those meetings"

    JHM begins a three part series about Dreamworks Animation's upcoming release, "Over the Hedge." In today's installment, Jim Hill talks with that film's producer, Bonnie Arnold. Who reveals how a chance encounter with the then-head of Disney Feature Animation eventually led Arnold to a whole new career in the CG field...
  • Jim Hill

    Monday Mouse Watch: The Battle of Midway (Madness)

    Jim Hill's back with an intriguing tale about the real significance of those two dark rides that are being built at Disney's California Adventure and Disney-MGM Studios. How the proposed locations of these new attractions speak volumes about the way WDI is now trying to reinvent itself ...
  • Jim Hill

    Could the Dreamfinder soon be returning to Epcot's "Journey into Imagination" attraction?

    Rumors abound that Tony Baxter has just been tapped to oversee a redo of this Future World favorite which would finally re-unite Figment with his old friend. Jim Hill shares the news that just leaked out of Emeryville...
  • Jim Hill

    Could "Tarzan" 's lousy reviews translate into an early exit for Josh Strickland?

    In the wake of the critical drubbing that Disney Theatrical's newest production just received, the Mouse's marketing department is now struggling to come up with ways to make this new musical more appealing to ticket-buyers. And among the ideas that are allegedly being floated is replacing the "American Idol" contestant who now plays the show's title role and bringing in a new name performer to play the Lord of the Apes...
  • Jim Hill

    Monday Mouse Watch: Disney junks junk food

    By opting not to renew its global marketing alliance with McDonald’s as well as radically rethinking the types of food products that its characters will now be allowed to help promote, the Walt Disney Company is hoping that it will be able to avoid being sucked into the pending “Big Food” litigation. Jim Hill explains how...
  • Jim Hill

    Will a CG Mickey help keep Disney's core group of characters evergreen?

    Jim Hill talks about tonight's premiere of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" on the Disney Channel, the Walt Disney Company's latest attempt to make the corporation's core roup of characters that much more appealing to the next generation of consumers...
  • Jim Hill

    Making Fun of the Mouse: Part III

    In the final installment of this three part series, Jim Hill pays tribute to those magical movie moments when WDFA & Dreamworks Animation employees put the "dis" in "Disney" ...
  • Jim Hill

    Making Fun of the Mouse: Part II

    As this new three part series continues, now Jay Ward and Bob Clampett both take swipes at "The Happiest Place on Earth."...
  • Jim Hill

    Making Fun of the Mouse: Part I

    While some Disneyana fans are still squawking about "Journey to the Disney Vault," Jim Hill points out that the tradition of parodying Disney's shorts & feature films actually dates back at least 'til the 1940s...
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