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All hands on deck! Limited-edition Nautilus to be displayed at the D23 EXPO

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All hands on deck! Limited-edition Nautilus to be displayed at the D23 EXPO

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The late, great George Carlin once had this routine about words that no one has ever said before. Truly unlikely phrases like:

George Carlin
George Carlin (1937 – 2008)

  • "Please saw my legs off."
  • "Hand me that piano."
  • "Do what you want to the girl, but leave me alone!"

Why do I bring that up now? Well, while I was attending Comic-Con this past summer, I heard another sentence that – I’m sure – no one had ever said before. Which was:

“Can Jim pick up the Nautilus? I mean, because he’s Jim Hill and all.”

Jim Hill holds eFX's model of the Nautilus from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Don’t ask me why. But Barry Jones of eFX, Inc. actually bought into the explanation that my Disney handler offered. And the next thing I know, I’m holding a four-foot-long version of this iconic submarine in my grubby mitts, hoping & praying that I don’t drop the thing. And all I can think is: “You know, for a terror of the deep, the Nautilus is surprisingly light.”

After gingerly setting this limited-edition collectible back on its display stand, I leaned in to admire all the detailing that master model-maker Scott Brodeen had crammed in to this 1/45 scale Nautilus. From the wheelhouse …

eFX created a model of the Nautilus
Photo by Nancy Stadler

… to this sub’s lush saloon with its internal & external lighting.

eFX's model of the Nautilus is full of great detail
Photo by Nancy Stadler

… this not-so-miniature Nautilus is a real thing of beauty. The sort of thing that any hardcore 20K fan would love to have in their home.

Barry was like a proud papa as he pointed out all of the detail work Scott had done on this high-end collectible. Take – for example -- how the pattern of the rivet work matches Disney Legend Harper Goff’s original designs for this 1954 Walt Disney Production.

Barry Jones points out the amazing detail on eFX's latest Nautilus model
Photo by Nancy Stadler

From stem …

Photo by Nancy Stadler

… to stern …

Photo by Nancy Stadler

… this four-foot-long version of the Nautilus is a stunner.If you’re headed to the D23 EXPO today … Well, as you’re wandering around the Anaheim Convention Center, be sure and drop by the eFX, Inc. display (which will be located in booth 2209-42. Just opposite the entrance to the Disney Dream Home). So that you can then check this limited-edition collectible out.

Photo by Nancy Stadler

And when I say “limited-edition,” I mean limited-edition. eFX Inc. plans on producing no more than 500 of these Nautili (Nautiluses?). Each with its own specially designed display base, numbered plaque and Certificate of Authenticity.

More to the point, given how quickly all of the other versions of the Nautilus that Scott Brodeen has ever designed have been snatched up … If you’re a 20K fan, you really don’t want to dawdle here.

Jim Hill holds the new eFX Nautilus model
Photo by Nancy Stadler

Particularly if the staff of eFX Inc. keeps allowing fumble-fingered webmasters like myself to pick up the darned things.

Your thoughts?

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  • Too cool. I'm actually going to be there at the Expo for a couple of days to attend the Imagineering panels. Hope to hear some good news about the parks (I've gotten word about a surprise guest or two who might show up). BTW, also hear that the people behind the Gay Days are going to have a booth there. I bet Disney is just THRILLED (actually, I also heard that the organizers of the event aren't pleased about it at all and would love to oust it, but we do live in a litigious society...)

  • See www.vulcaniasubmarine.com

    I like the model Jim writes about but I'd rather have a real one that actually carries people underwater!!! You just aren't gonna believe this!!!

  • Gigglesock: Yes the Gay Days people will be there. I think they are sharing a space with the laughingplace.com folks. I'm not gay but there are gay people who love Disney so what the heck. They aren't going to spoil anything.

  • GOSH!

    Gay people at a Disney Expo!

    Well, why would Disney not be "thrilled"... A majority of Cast Members (The world over, I am sure!) is GAY ... and gay people through the years have been happy Disney customers who have spent LOADS of their money for The Mouse!

    So? ......

    WEC; I am also sure that there are gay people who don't care for Disney ...

    Maybe some should wear health mask just like against Swine Flue!!

    And I thought we were in 2009!!!!`

    Sad world!

  • Gay people didn't exist in the 1930s and it was awesome.

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