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Walt Disney Animation Studios looks to really up its game with "Wreck-It Ralph"

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Walt Disney Animation Studios looks to really up its game with "Wreck-It Ralph"

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Every day for the past 30 years, Wreck-It Ralph has done the exact same thing. He first enters his home, (which is located inside of this cozy tree stump that is hidden away in the heart of this beautiful 8-bit pine forest) ...

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

... only to then have a bulldozer come along and rudely push Wreck-It Ralph's tree stump out of that pine forest & then deposit it in the local dump. So that a brand-new, 5-story-tall brick apartment building can be build right on top of the site of his former home.

This - of course - enrages Wreck-It Ralph. Who then screams ...

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... as this 9-foot-tall, 600 pound backwoodsman climbs to the top of this apartment building.  And then - using just his fists - Wreck-It Ralph takes the place apart, brick-by-brick.

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The residents of this new apartment building are, understandably, terrified by Wreck-It Ralph's behavior. Which is why they cry out a hero, Fix-It Felix Jr. Who comes on the scene, proudly proclaiming ...

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Then - using his magic hammer - Fix-It Felix Jr. is not only able to repair that apartment building, he's also able to defeat Wreck-It Ralph. And after driving that displaced behemoth back to the dump, the residents of Niceland Apartments award Fix-It Felix with a medal ...

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... while Wreck-It Ralph reluctantly settles down for the night in the dump, wondering if perhaps there's a way that he can break out of this now-three-decades-long destructive routine. But since Ralph lives inside of a classic arcade game ...

Photo by Angela Ragno

... what options does he really have? Wreck-It Ralph can't just break out of that Fix-It Felix game and then go off in search of a new home, a new way of life ... can he?

That's the basic premise of Walt Disney Animation Studios' next production, "Wreck-It Ralph." Which Rich Moore (i.e. the "Simpsons" and "Futurama" veteran who will be directing this CG comic action-adventure) promises will have a very different look.

" 'Wreck-It Ralph' will actually have a number of different art directions. As our title character moves from his original 8-bit game to a more modern shooter game, you'll see the art direction of this movie change. Likewise when Wreck-It Ralph moves to the world of an elaborate kart racing game, you'll see the art direction of this movie change yet again," Moore explained.

(L to R) Sarah Silverman & Jack McBrayer talk with Rich Moore about the
characters that they play in "Wreck-It Ralph." Copyright Disney
Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

"And who will Wreck-It Ralph interact with after he leaves his 8-bit world?," you ask. Well, when this 9-foot-tall behemoth enters the game world of Sugar Rush (which is modeled after a Mario Kart racing game), he then meets Vanellope von Schweetz, who will be voiced by Sarah Silverman.

"My character is kind of a reject in her own game. The other characters in Sugar Rush won't let her play. So she's kind of a kindred spirit for Wreck-It Ralph. In that Vanellope also wants to break out of her rut and see what other games, what other worlds might be out there," Silverman said.

Sarah Silverman & Jack McBrayer make their grand entrance at the
Walt Disney Studios showcase at last month's D23 EXPO.
Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

One character who doesn't want anything to change -- ever -- is Fix-It Felix, who is voiced by Jack McBrayer, that Emmy-nominated scene-stealer from NBC's "30 Rock."

"My character has control issues. He's gung-ho about always being the good guy. And when Wreck-It Ralph decides to change his routine and go off in search of new worlds to explore ... Well, let's just say that Fix-It Felix Jr. doesn't handle this news all that well," McBrayer laughed.

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

"So when's 'Wreck-It Ralph' due to hit theaters?," you ask. November 2, 2012.

"Right before the Mayan calendar says that the world is going to end. You know, like in that Roland Emmerich movie?, " Moore explained. "California may fall into the sea and civilization as we know it may end. But thanks to 'Wreck-It Ralph,' we'll all go out happy. At least we'll go out laughing."

John Lasseter poses backstage at the Anaheim Arena with Jack McBrayer and Sarah
Silverman. Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

So look for the crew at Walt Disney Animation Studios to really up their game with ther November 2012 release, "Wreck-It Ralph."

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  • I didn't know anything about this project when I went to D23 and to be honest it didn't jump out at me. Then the magic happened. They screened the first few minutes of this film, unanimated and in storyboard form, but with the voice of Ralph (John C. Reily) giving us the background. It was so funny. I and my whole family was laughing, and that was just a few minutes they showed. Now I can't wait to see this movie next year.

  • Character designs are appealing... But couldn't they keep the old, 8-bit game feel, instead of this usual shiny, polished, typical 3D CGI?

  • I agree 150% with Anthonymg, although I had heard a little bit about it when it was called Joe Jump I think. It looks REALLY good and I can't wait.

    Although, I am a little afraid that this may be more in the Dreamworks crass vein. Hopefully they will stay "Disney clean".

  • I thought it was too derivative of Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers.  Wasn't there, in fact, an animated series with Donkey Kong and friends?

  • Looks great. Love Disney for making good movies.

  • Great to see a good video game movie, if they make a game to go along with the movie it better be good, they would be better off releaseing the arcade game on xbla, psn, wiiware, and 3DS eshop.

  • Agree with the first post - upon hearing the concept I was not impressed, but after seeing the storyboards at the Expo I can't wait to go see it! One very funny scene showed Ralph at a "bad-anon" meeting with other video game bad guys, including one of the little ghosts from PacMan. Hysterical!

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