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March, 2015

Jim Hill

Jim's musings on the history of and rumors about movies, TV shows, books and theme parks including Disneyland, Walt Disney World. Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Jim Hill

    Eden Sher voices Disney's first kick-butt princess for "Star vs. the Forces of Evil"

    By her own admission, Eden Sher lives in an almost perpetual state of hyperbole. "That's why I always have to try and keep myself in check," this 24 year-old actress admitted during a recent phone interview. "Otherwise -- whenever anyone asks me what I'm working on now -- my automatic response is that it's ' ... THE BEST THING EVER!' " Mind you, it's easy to understand why this Critics' Choice winner (Sher took home the Television Award for Best Comedy...
  • Jim Hill

    Turner Classic Film Festival celebrates all aspects of Hollywood history

    When it comes to the world of film, how exactly does one define a classic? Turner Classic Movies. All rights reserved "For some, it's that movie they grew up which they now want to share with their kids. For others, it's films that were made under the studio system back during the Golden Age of Hollywood," said Genevieve McGillicuddy -- the managing director of the Turner Classic Film Festival -- during a recent phone interview. "Here at TCM, our thinking is that there is no...
  • Jim Hill

    "Miles from Tomorrowland" is getting Disney Junior viewers excited about the science that powers space flight

    So how does Sascha Paladino -- the creator and exec producer of Disney Junior 's " Miles from Tomorrowland " -- measure the amount of time & energy that he's poured into the development of this popular new animated series? Oddly enough, Sascha doesn't use miles as his unit of measure. But -- rather -- the ages of his twin boys. "Back when I first pitched 'Miles' to Disney Channel executives, my sons were only three months old," Paladino recalled during...
  • Jim Hill

    Construction continues on Pandora: The Land of Avatar and "Rivers of Light" at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park

    Given that -- late last month -- Disney Parks & Resorts released that shot of the model of Pandora's floating mountains ... Copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Coporation / Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved ... I thought that it might be time to check out how far along construction has actually gotten on Disney's Animal Kingdom 's new land-of-AVATAR. So after driving on over to Animal Kingdom Lodge and then hopping on a bus for DAK, I soon found myself rolling past the...
  • Jim Hill

    Is "Gravity Falls" Grunkle Stan "Not What He Seems" ? Disney XD episode answers big questions tonight

    It's a question that has been nagging at " Gravity Falls " viewers ever since this Emmy Award-winning series first debuted on the Disney Channel back in June of 2012: What is the deal with Grunkle Stan? I mean, sure. There's a lot that fans of this Emmy Award-winning animated series already know about Stan Pines. That he loves fleecing the rubes ... I mean "customers" who come by the Mystery Shack, that tumbledown roadside attraction which Pines runs. And while he may...
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