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"Steven Universe" app does a beautiful job of matching the distinctive mood & look of this Cartoon Network series

"Steven Universe" app does a beautiful job of matching the distinctive mood & look of this Cartoon Network series

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I've always been a fan of Rebecca Sugar's stuff. Especially the storyboards & sketches that Rebecca did for "Adventure Time." Her drawings always had so much charm and beauty to them. And her songs are so sweet and emotional.

Rebecca Sugar and her ukulele at Comic-Con

Which is why I was overjoyed when I saw the pilot for Sugar's new show, "Steven Universe." And when this series finally began airing on the Cartoon Network last November, I was over the moon. "Steven Universe" is a gorgeous, sweet show that goes left when you expect it to go right, and often yanks the rug right out from under you, story-wise. But this new animated series still manage to be sweet & charming and really down-to-earth during psychotically horrifying episodes (See "Frybo").

So when I saw that an app game had come out which was based on this Cartoon Network show, I was like "Oh, man! That is a thing I should play!" And many months later as I was staring at the App Store, that thought once again drifted through into my head. "Hey, there was this thing you should play. Not that Animal Crossing app. The other one. Um. Oh yeah!" And so I totally bought the "Steven Universe" app for a grand total of 99 cents.

Copyright 2014 Cartoon Network.
All rights reserved

And wow, what a gorgeous, fun little game this is. The "Steven Universe" app is based on a pretty common theme for flash games. Advance as far upward as you can jumping to platforms before a meter runs out. And then -- on your  way down -- collect coins/destroy enemies to get bonus points. In this case, playing as Steven, you climb up platforms to collect coins, then drop when you either miss a platform or lose enough health. Then using Steven's gem powers, you bash enemies on the way down.

The "Steven Universe" app is pretty simple but fun. And don't get me started on the backgrounds, man! They're absolutely gorgeous. Everything from the "Pause" menu view of Steven's room ...

Copyright 2014 Cartoon Network.
All rights reserved

... to the different backgrounds for each level directly from the show. The music for this game is really great too. And the animations for the "Steven Universe" are absolutely adorable.

The only thing about this game that really bothers me is the fact that every time you boot up the game, a video clip of the "Steven Universe" theme song starts playing. Don't get me wrong. It's an adorable (And great) theme song. I just don't know if I want to watch it every single time I start up this game. Thankfully, you can skip it. So I  guess -- in the end -- that I don't really have anything to complain about.

Copyright 2014 Cartoon Network.
All rights reserved

Well, there's that and the fact that the controls on the drop-down are a liiiitttleee bit weird. I guess it's because you're going down super-fast, but the controls handle kinda poorly there. But the level design for the "Steven Universe" app is pretty fantastic on the way up. The game shows you its different platforms in action instead of going "WATCH OUT, THIS ONE MAKES THE PLATFORMS SHAKE!" in a pop-up bubble. It's really charming that it lets you figure that out on your own, which really suits the mood of the TV show.

Overall, I really recommend this game for "Steven Universe" fans, and maybe even non-fans. For a dollar, it's a gorgeous, adorable, addicting game. And I will probably start it up again just as soon as I finish typing this sentence.

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  • I Think Steven and Pearl should really make a great couple!

  • Because Connie(Steven's friend) not ready for that yet ready for that.

  • Steven and Pearl both gotten aging problem and both got swords.

    Because they've both had been befelled by the  problems like the last time when the 2 went to the temple on strawberries field.

    Steven and Pearl should literally make the 2's first move.

    Pearl's secretly falling in love with steven universe,because with great powers,there's also comes a great responsibilities,these two  gem warrior really were secretly in love,Just like Greg falls in love with Rose Quartz  ever since the day greg helping out  with Finn the Human 15 years ago since he was a teenage boy.

  • I've first saw coach steven,that after she(pearl) sings about sugilite garnet amethyst and even Steven,Pearl is secretly in love with Steven Universe.

    She's wanted to urge to Steven to be strong,like Super-Strong(which means in a good way).

    Pearl really really like 'like' Steven universe:^>


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  • It's an adorable (And great) theme song. I just don't know if I want to watch it every single time I start up this game...

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