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Do you like treasure hunting and/or cooking soup? Then Pokemon Quest is the game for you

Do you like treasure hunting and/or cooking soup? Then Pokemon Quest is the game for you

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Immediately after the Pokemon press conference on May 29th, the mobile-switch cross platform game Pokemon Quest was available to download on the Nintendo eShop (with the mobile device version debuting later this month). Curious about the 'Free-to-Start' game, I snagged a download and started playing.

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Pokemon Quest is a game that feels best letting itself auto-run. You check in several times a day to see what Pokemon have appeared at your camp (The conceit behind this game is that you're a treasure hunter & Pokemon flock to you to fight their brethren in your honor. They also sometimes just come by because you make really good soup. What can I say?). With the Pokemon at your disposal, you build a small exploration team much in the same style as the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game series. And you then set them out to fight other Pokemon in open levels. From these battles, you win power stones (which allow you to upgrade your Pokemon's health & attack power), and ingredients to lure other Pokemon to your camp.

You may've taken notice use of the term 'Free-to-Start' earlier in this article. That's because -- like many mobile services -- this game offers add-ons for purchase. I don't see any age limit on the Nintendo Switch version to take away ads for purchases (which many mobile games have chosen to add. See Disney's own 'Disney Crossy Road') but the Pokemon Company may be expecting parents to set their own controls over the switch with the parental controls available on the system.

Copyright 2018 Nintendo. All rights reserved

Still, the game is typical in mobile game fare for trying to wring money out of players. Energy to play the game costs P tickets, which you can earn 50 a day ... or you can just buy. The game gives you an amount to start with, shows you how to use them to speed up your game, and then takes you to the shop where you can see an advertisement to buy it -- along with Pokemon furniture to help your team.

These packages can go up to $30 and include Pokemon in-game items & exclusive furniture. And while Pokemon Go offered items in bundles like this, it's still odd to see in a Pokemon game -- let alone a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch (albeit, this is a cross-platform game). The game itself doesn't seem to have any sort of hard-pay line for gameplay, though. I'm up to the fifth world in my game without making any purchases. And while the game difficulty has dramatically ramped up, likely to encourage purchases, it's still completely manageable to play without paying.

Copyright 2018 Nintendo. All rights reserved

In that sense, for a free game, it's really cute & enjoyable. The graphics are pleasing and colorful. And if you return to camp, you'll find all the Pokemon you've befriended hopping around adorable decorations. Sometimes stacking on top of each other, other times following each other around in what seems like games of tag.

The 'cooking' mechanic to encounter a random Pokemon makes encountering them feel less like gambling and more like strategy. By cooking certain recipes from materials you find on missions, you can draw certain types of Pokemon to your camp. Cooking in certain pots (unlocked by playing through the game) can draw higher powered Pokemon at the cost of more materials. And waiting while your energy fills up means running out of ingredients (At the point of the game I'm at, about half-way through) doesn't seem to be a problem.

Copyright 2018 Nintendo. All rights reserved

All in all, I'd say, if you have access to this game, check it out and see if it's for you. There doesn't seem to be cross platform support for other Pokemon games. But as a standalone, it's a cute, fun blip of a game. The hard 'end' of the levels within surprises me, especially since it seems to end with 150 Pokemon (out of the over eight hundred available). So I'm not sure what there is to get out of it when you get to the end level outside of getting every Pokemon. But it's still a fun, very casual strategy game. Just keep an eye on purchases if your children decide to play. 

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