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August, 2012

  • Leo N. Holzer

    "Pixar In Concert" reveals how a musical score can help tell a movie's story, get the audience inside of a character's head

    It's engaging stories, great characters, good acting, lighting and hundreds of things working together that makes a motion picture a truly MOVING experience. One of the most critical pieces is a film's musical score. Even before recorded dialogue, music was there and it's always had the power to excite us, amuse us, to elicit a tear or two. Those musical notes hit our heartstrings and have the ability to spark memories years later as well as certain feelings. Think about the deep foreboding...
  • Leo N. Holzer

    David Tanaka talks about the creation of the "Pixar in Concert" project

    The following is an email interview that I recently had with David Tanaka, the creative editor of " Pixar in Concert ." I'd like to thank David for his detailed answers and Chris Wiggum at Pixar for arranging the interview. Q: Please tell me about the process. What prompted the Pixar in Concert idea? How easy was it to get everyone on board and how long did it take from idea to this past weekend's event? Tanaka: The entire process for "Pixar in Concert" actually took around...
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