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  • Richard Kaufman

    The Folks Who do it Right: The Tokyo Disney Resort at Halloween

    At heart I'm just a kid, and one of the things I most look forward to every year is trick or treating with my young daughter. The first year we took her out, age 2, I realized how much I had missed it. Seems silly, doesn't it? One of the nice things about having a child is that you get to reclaim parts of your own childhood-if for just a few years. It's a short-lived gift, but a rich one. The Walt Disney Company has been slowly figuring out the same thing: adults like Halloween just as...
  • Richard Kaufman

    Tech Thursday: Greater Moments with Mr. Lincoln

    In a world buffeted by gargantuan amounts of electronic information delivered in bits of three to 30 seconds, what could be more retro than sitting in a theater for 15 minutes and watching what is essentially a gussied up slide show and listening to a robot talk? Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer. Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved The DNA of Walt Disney is intermingled very deeply in only one Disney park: Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It was, and will always remain, the only Disney park which Walt...
  • Richard Kaufman

    Of Mice, Men and Magic: The Human Component of "Mickey's Magic Show"

    The following behind-the-scenes tale comes by way of the generous folks over at Genii Magazine , THE premier magazine in the field of magic. If you're interested in learning about the great magicians of the past and/or today's top conjurors, this is one publication you really want to add to your reading list. As for the author of today's article ... Though Richard Kaufman is probably best known as the editor & publisher of "Genii," Disneyana fans probably know Richard best...
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